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Monitoring the Women's Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) programme


DFID’s Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) programme is a flagship multi-country sexual and reproductive health initiative that promises to benefit a significant number of women, from the young to marginalised groups, in line with the organisation’s commitment to ‘leave no one behind’.

We are leading an independent third party monitoring (TPM) of WISH through DFID’s Global Evaluations Framework Agreement (GEFA), to ensure the programme has its intended impact through informing programme adaptation to improve overall performance.

The objectives of this TPM include:

  • independent verification and triangulation of results as outlined in the log frame and key performance indicators of the programme;
  • generating additional evidence of results though discrete studies; and 
  • learning what works on key issues.

The evidence gathered wil be shared by convening learning opportunities between all WISH programme partners and DFID to analyse progress, discuss course correction, and identify good practices. This, in turn, can impact programme structures to benefit more women.

Areas of expertise