Supporting cross-border knowledge sharing around climate finance

Facilitating links between domestic and international public sector across Asia-Pacific to identify common climate challenges and solutions

Project team members

Building on from our Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme, this project supports the national and sub-national governments in South Asia and the Pacific region to access national and international climate finance resources for developing and upscaling their adaptation strategies.

We help government officials across the region connect with each other to develop peer-to-peer learning and problem solving around climate financing issues. In addition, this programme provides technical support to national and sub-national governments for policy reform and organisational development to ensure that the lessons and methodologies identified through these government interactions are translated to action and results across the region.

The challenge

Governments in South Asia and the Pacific region have been developing planning and budgeting methodologies to finance their work on climate adaptation for their economies, thus improving the resilience of their countries and citizens. Although finding local solutions for these challenges is a major benefit, there is an opportunity to link up the wider approaches implemented across the region to help identify common challenges and solutions.

Our approach

The programme aims to bring together different stakeholders of the region at the national and sub-national level to promote and disseminate the accumulated learnings and provide assistance in understanding the nuances of streamlining climate planning in the budget process.

This programme will provide support to governments and non-government climate actors to:

  • Acquire knowledge on innovations that could transform their systems of climate change planning and delivery through peer-to-peer learning and design and implementation of identified solutions on a case by case basis.
  • Build knowledge and capacity of political leaders, governments, practitioners, donors, and investors, resulting in ensuring political engagement and strong leadership for establishing favourable policies and programmes, proactive policies for private sector investment, leveraging of existing technical support programmes on climate change, curriculum development for relevant training programmes, and preparing communities to adapt to climate change.
  • Create adequate institutional mechanisms within governments to leverage and shape investments for climate compatible development from domestic and international public sector, resulting in increased budgetary allocation, prioritisation of sectoral resources for addressing climate change, increasing private sector investment, and leveraging larger financial flows (domestic and international).
  • Create a community of practice to encourage interaction between stakeholders engaged in climate financing and budgeting.
  • Create a repository of knowledge in the form of knowledge products (paper and digital) to assist not only the countries covered under this programme but also a larger scope of global stakeholders.

Outcomes and wider impacts

This programme aims to improve the budget allocation from domestic and international finance which is available to governments for supporting their climate adaptation strategies. The programme also supports the development of locally led networks for integrated support and problem solving around these issues

Areas of expertise