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Uganda Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment (SAGE) programme

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Fred Merttens

SAGE, Alex Hurrell, Emma Jones, Fred Merttens, Maham Farhat, Marta Moratti, Michele Binci, Ramlatu Attah, Sean O'Leary, Simon Brooke, Sope Otulana

We are engaged to design and implement an Impact Evaluation of the SAGE cash transfer programme, under the Uganda government’s Expanding Social Protection programme. The Impact Evaluation adopts a mixed method approach, employing a quantitative household panel survey and qualitative research to assess impact and evaluate operational effectiveness of the programme across eight out of 14 pilot programme districts.

The quantitative household panel survey uses a quasi-experimental approach to estimate impact and will comprise three rounds of survey over four years including baseline. The Impact Evaluation focuses on the core impact areas of reduced material deprivation, increased economic security, reduced social exclusion and increased access to services. It includes impact on consumption expenditure and nutritional status of under-fives. The qualitative research focuses on impact on empowerment and social cohesion.

The operational effectiveness assessment will draw on both indicators generated through the quantitative and qualitative research and indicators provided by the SAGE programme’s internal operational monitoring systems in order to feed into the programme’s Learning Framework.