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Action on Climate Today (ACT): On Knowledge series

The ACT on Knowledge leaflet series focuses on key emerging issues related to climate change and how they affect South Asia.

Elizabeth Gogoi

Elizabeth Gogoi Marcela Tarazona ACT climate change

Each of these 10 leaflets synthesizes existing knowledge on a topic and aims to stimulate discussion. Suggestions for further reading are provided at the end.

Titles include:

  1. National disaster risk financing
  2. Are reducing poverty and combating climate change competing goals?
  3. Climate-smart agriculture and the need to scale-up
  4. Disaster mircoinsurance
  5. Tackling climate change and air pollution
  6. Urban climate resiliance: getting it right
  7. Can pricing water for agriculture help South Asia adapt to climate change?
  8. Priortising climate change adaptation actions
  9. Climate finance readiness: domestic governance
  10. Climate finance readiness: assessing international funds