In depth: Key lessons for developing climate change financing frameworks

This briefing note presents an approach for streamlining climate change into planning and budgeting.



  • Allan Duncan

Across many low- and middle-income countries, the level of spending on adaptation falls short of a socially desirable level, giving rise to what is termed the ‘adaptation gap’ (that is, the extent to which planned climate change funding fails to reduce loss and damage caused by climate change). Harnessing the resources of national budgets will be critical to closing this gap, and to achieving the adaptation spending commitments agreed in Paris.

The Climate Change Financing Framework (CCFF) is an approach for integrating climate change into standard techniques of planning and budgeting, in order to enable governments to monitor the adaptation benefits of budget spending and prioritise budget resources for climate change ends.

This publication was co-authored by Kit Nicholson. 

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