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Academic institutions

We have a long history of collaborating with academics and academic institutions to bring cutting-edge research and evidence-based thinking to our work.

We began as a research team at the University of Oxford and that start in life has meant that academic collaboration has continued to be a steering principle of our work. We develop partnerships with academic institutions, seek out leading academics to support our work, and use the latest research to inform our own thinking.

Our strong research-into-policy heritage and experience allow us to bring together policymakers in partnership with academic institutions across the world. This includes the University of Oxford, Harvard University, the University of Namur, University College London, the Paris School of Economics, the Indian Statistical Institute, the Center for Global Development, the Delhi School of Economics, the African Economic Research Consortium, University of California Berkeley, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Center for Effective Global Action, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

We develop long-term, respected relationships, innovate in new areas of expertise to support policy development, share knowledge, and increase capacity.

Research programmes

We have been managing complex programmes at the interface between world-class academic research and the decision making on economic policy and reform for a number of years. These programmes, managed and coordinated by our Chief Economist Office, have brought together academics and policymakers to help inform research agendas that will lead to tangible findings that support policy reform. They have provided the opportunity to work with academics nationally and internationally, and to build communities of practice across disciplines. The programmes include the Research for Improving Education Systems Programme, the Economic Development and Institutions Programme, and the Energy and Economic Growth Programme.

Interesting in working with us?

If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to partner with us in our work, please contact our Business Development team.