We work closely with all our clients to shape projects that will have maximum success and seek new opportunities to deliver fair public policy that benefits both people and the planet.

We believe that honesty, collaboration, and responsiveness are the keys to success in our relationships with a wide range of clients. We are engaged and curious in the way we work with our clients, bringing energy to our work.  

This approach means we can devise and develop the most beneficial projects in partnership with governments and funders, rather than simply being reactive.  

We engage with the latest research and ideas to open up new areas of development, and can provide strategic advice and research to support development options that innovatively respond to the needs of governments and citizens.

We strive to deliver work of the best quality and highest standards. We aim for excellence every day in all that we do. Our clients should expect that we always give advice clearly and robustly, following through on our commitments. We are open and transparent with our clients and seek clarity in all our communications.

We work in collaboration with a large range of clients, including government ministries in low- and middle-income countries, national development agencies in Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, and the UK, multilateral organisations such as development banks like KfW, UNICEF, the United Nations and European Commission, as well as foundations including Mastercard Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation, and the Hewlett Packard Foundation.

Through our network of offices, we work to ensure that our clients can draw on the support and services that best fit their need, wherever they are based. This means that, together, we are better able to ensure the delivery of our vision, and that our clients’ geographical distance need not be a barrier to engaging in impactful work.

Interested in working with us?

If you are a new client interested in learning more about our capabilities or wishing to invite us to work with you, please get in touch!

  • For a specific bid or up-coming opportunity: @email.  
  • Relating to a framework or fast response programme: @email.  

You can also browse our staff listing for a specific contact. We look forward to hearing from you.