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Bangladesh team

We work on a range of thematic areas to help policy makers identify and implement solutions to reduce social and economic disadvantage. We have experience in climate change, health and nutrition, education, social protection, and governance.

Climate change and disaster risk
We design, implement, and evaluate climate change and disaster risk management policies, help governments assess the costs of responding to climate change, and implement actions to reduce impacts. For example, in Bangladesh, DFID-funded Action on Climate Today programme produced a systematic and evidence-based analysis for climate-resilient cotton cultivation process. We have also worked in the areas of climate governance, climate finance and climate resilience on projects funded by the World Bank, GIZ and others.

Education and skills
We support the government and other development partners in crafting evidence-based policies and programmes to strengthen education systems, support skills development and enhance access to livelihoods. We conduct large scale evaluations of education programmes; carry out diagnostics and research studies on education system reform; identify skills gaps for specific sectors. In Bangladesh, we are a part of the five-year Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP4) funded by the European Union, which seeks to to strengthen education systems and improve learning outcomes.

Health and nutrition
We provide context specific evidence-based support in health, population, and nutrition sectors. We have supported the Government and development partners to pilot new health system interventions, develop financing frameworks. Among recent projects, we did an FCDO supported study on the consequences of a programme to appoint diploma certified midwives at Upazila and Union posted health facilities, and an evaluation of UNICEF and Government of Bangladesh’s joint health programme.

Poverty and social protection
We help design social protection programmes and their rollout – including providing technical advice on targeting, grievance mechanisms, and payment systems. We support programme implementation, focusing on management information systems, monitoring and evaluation, service standards and performance management, capacity building, and institutional reform. Our work under the Maintains programme in Bangladesh focuses on the enablers and constraints for shock-responsive social protection. We have also conducted case studies on social protection during covid-19, and evaluations of the Chars Livelihood Programme.

Public sector governance
We help government to develop national and local governance systems that enable growth and support reduction of poverty and disadvantage. We work across the policy cycle including programme design and implementation to facilitate change in the way governments work to convert policy into action. For example, we worked with the Government of Bangladesh on capacity building of the parliamentary committees responsible for overseeing public expenditure and accounts and help improve public access to information regarding their work.

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