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Financial and Private Sector Development team

We design, implement, and evaluate financial and private sector policies and programmes, with a strong focus on financial services for poor households and market development programmes.

Financial sector development

Over the last two decades, the link between financial sector deepening and pro-poor growth has been firmly established. As a result, concepts such as finance for growth and finance for all have moved into the foreground of debates around poverty reduction.

Translating these concepts into action however, involves selecting the most appropriate intervention, matching strategies to local circumstances and building the capacity of financial sector regulators and financial institutions, from commercial banks to local savings groups.

Oxford Policy Management has been extensively engaged at both the analytical and strategic levels, working with governments, regulators, development institutions, and the private sector to help devise and define relevant approaches to building strong, sustainable, and inclusive financial service sectors.

    Private sector development

    It is now widely accepted that a thriving private sector can make a significant contribution to the achievement of development goals. However, there is no simple recipe for creating the right regulatory and business environment for the private sector to develop in a way which benefits low-income and vulnerable groups. It requires an in-depth understanding of the local business landscape, the official and unofficial rules, and the political economy, to enable the key factors constraining private sector development to be identified and addressed.

    Our experience working in developing countries, combined with specific expertise in private sector and regional development, means we can help donors, regulators, government, and enterprises gain the insights they need.

    We approach the issues from the perspectives of both the public and private sectors, looking not only at developing public policy but also understanding the motivations and needs of businesses from microenterprises to multinationals.

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