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About the Financial and Private Sector Development team

We focus on scoping, designing, implementing, and assessing programmes to increase finance and market access for poor households and small-to-medium businesses, capacity building state and non-state actors, and facilitating policy dialogue.

Andrzej Dabkowski

Country director

OPML Indonesia

Andrzej Dabkowski leads our Indonesia office. He is a market development specialist and PRINCE2 Practitioner-qualified programme manager with a significant track record managing portfolio of donor-funded programmes in complex and politically sensitive environments. Before taking up his post in Indonesia, Andrzej spent a year-and-a-half …

Janet Hayes

Senior Consultant

OPM United Kingdom

Janet is an experienced project manager with extensive experience in microfinance and financial inclusion projects. Janet was previously Programme Administration Manager for OPM’s Economic Policy Programme and was responsible for managing the administration of projects throughout the project cycle and liaising with donors.

William Smith

Principal consultant

OPM United Kingdom

William specialises in private sector development, financial inclusion and trade. William was team leader of the Private Sector and Markets programme at the Overseas Development Institute where he led work on business engagement. He has focused on work in Southeast Asia, where he has worked as a practitioner, researcher, and consultant.

Financial sector development: services

  • We analyse access to financial services and policies to improve sustainable access, particularly in the context of national poverty reduction strategies.
  • We assess the financial soundness and efficiency of financial systems, including identification of factors that can contribute to financial instability and ineffective financial sector performance.
  • We support financial institutions, and particularly commercial banks and DFIs, to develop policies, procedures, products, and delivery channels that help to widen financial inclusion and generate development benefits for client populations.
  • We assess the design and performance of supporting agencies to the financial sector, such as regulatory authorities, capacity building organisations, guarantee funds, deposit insurance agencies, credit bureaus, and digital financial services.
  • We evaluate financial inclusion programmes and organisations in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact.
  • We conduct research on financial sector and financial inclusion issues, including financial inclusion and women’s economic empowerment and the operation of credit markets.

Private sector development: services

  • We analyse how to improve access to, and the functioning of, a broad range of commodity and service markets especially for poor people and small enterprises using a range of techniques, including value chain analysis, commercial assessments, and political economy analysis.
  • Having been involved in the conceptual development of M4P in the early 2000s, we have an interest in applying this approach in innovative contexts. OPM has worked on the interface between market development thinking and humanitarian situations, women’s economic empowerment, and the provision of low-cost ‘public good’ services.
  • We conduct research on market development issues to generate information as a ‘public good’ to support the private sector and the market development community of practitioners.
  • We scope, design, and review private sector development components of multi-sector programmes, such as livelihood, agriculture, urban, and trade programmes.
  • We develop private sector development policies and strategies.
  • We scope, design, and review challenge funds, from the design of fund objectives and procedures to the fund management function and evaluation of impact.