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About the Health team

We strive to ensure everyone has access to good-quality, effective healthcare without facing financial hardship as a result. We do so by working with governments, donors, and civil society across most of the health systems pillars.

We work across the entire policy cycle, from diagnostic to reform implementation through to evaluation and monitoring.

Our hubs

Our experts have a wealth of academic depth and practical country expertise. The team is made up of in-house experts but also supported by internationally renowned associates, working across four broad themes of the health system:

  • Health financing: We support the global ambition for achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in low- and middle- income countries through problem-driven iterative adaptation (PDIA) led analysis and specific technical support on definition of benefit packages for UHC, identification of domestic resource mobilisation strategies, support in introduction of social health insurance, technical efficiency analysis, strategic purchasing reforms, and results-based financing (RBF) implementation.
  • Health governance and service delivery: We support governments in transforming health systems and implementing reforms that translate into more equitable and high-quality health service delivery as well as more effective governance arrangements. We provide technical assistance to government on issues such as hospital reforms, assessment of  public/private partnerships (PPPs), hospital masterplanning, and more.
  • Human resources for health: To ensure governments have the right person for the right job, we provide diagnostic analysis (such as discrete choice experiments), reform implementation, and evaluation of reform packages.
  • Health information, monitoring and evaluations, and research: We use a variety of tools to support the diagnosis and evaluation stages: from quantitative surveys to qualitative research, impact evaluations, value for money analysis, data envelopment analysis, stochastic frontier analysis, public expenditure reviews, and public expenditure tracking surveys, amongst others.

Our people

The health team comprises a set of renowned and seasoned professionals located worldwide, possessing global experience of handling projects funded by almost all the international funders and across many sovereign governments in most parts of the world.

The Health team is led by Nouria Brikci.

Mike Naylor: principal consultant – Mike has more than 30 years’ experience spanning from health financing to hospital reforms and support to governance reforms. Mike leads all fast technical assistance to DFID, national level reforms in Pakistan focused on social health insurance (SHI), large scale evaluation of RBF in Nigeria, and other projects.

Luize Guimaraes: senior consultant – Luize leads our work in Mozambique on female empowerment. 

Tomas Lievens: principal consultant – Tomas focuses on health financing reforms, with a particular focus on fiscal space analysis. 

Tata Chanturidze: principal consultant – Tata has led large scale reforms in Kazakhstan focused on SHI, and leads our service delivery and governance hub. 

Sam Franzen: senior consultant – Sam leads our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) hub. His work includes a large evaluation for the Gates Foundation in Bihar of reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH).

Rashid Zaman: senior consultant – Rashid leads our global fund framework, has extensive expertise on human resources for health (HRH), maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH), family planning, and M&E.

Angela Baschieri: senior consultant – Angela is a demographer and M&E expert and will be leading the WISH M&E project amongst others. 

Kailash Balendran: consultant within the M&E hub – Kailash supports our M&E work across the globe, including the evaluation of RMNCH in Bihar. 

Adrian Gheorghe: senior consultant and lead of the health financing hub. Adrian is an exceptional health economist with extensive experience in fiscal space analysis, technical efficiency analysis, and definition of benefit packages for UHC. 

Tafara Ngwaru: consultant – Tafara works within the health financing hub and provides extensive support to the government of Swaziland on health financing reforms, leads on our technical efficiency work in Southern Africa, and leads a large MNCH survey in South Africa.