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Natural Resources and Energy team

We work with governments, civil society, and a variety of donors to address economic and governance challenges facing the extractives and energy sectors.

We bring together in-house specialists and external experts for assignments in areas such as institutional reform, political economy, public finance, organisational development, local context, and supplier development. In order to draw on the skills from across OPM, we work collaboratively with staff members from different teams and offices to bring breadth to our projects.

We provide advice to clients, who want to understand and advocate for long-term, inclusive economic and social developments to be harnessed from energy and extractives sectors.

We work with national governments, research organisations, donors, and multilateral funders to design and implement energy and extractives policies and programmes, and facilitate high-impact learning.

We never forget that improved benefits for governments and their citizens need to be grounded in locally-led and politically-informed initiatives. Our programmes are always bespoke and client-centric. We avoid ‘cut and paste’ jobs by combining deep political insight with international expertise and nuanced local insights.

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing demand-driven programmes in the energy and extractives sectors to meet a wide range of requirements. Our existing projects range from small, discrete reviews and studies to international, multi-year programmes worth in excess of £30 million. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to build trust and promote ownership with partners.

Our ongoing work includes multi-year, donor-funded governance programmes in the extractives and energy sectors.

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