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About the Nutrition team

Globally, one in six people suffers from under-nutrition – and with the majority of those living in low-income countries, the issue has risen up the development agenda and gained significant momentum in recent years.

And for good reason - improving nutrition has a significant ‘multiplier effect’ in improving outcomes across the sustainable development goals (SDGs) from improve school completion rates to higher incomes and economic prosperity. Capitalising on this momentum will require productive coordination with ‘nutrition-sensitive’ sectors and the development and careful implementation of appropriate and evidence-based policies and programmes.

We are committed to working with government partners to move forward with their nutrition strategies by offering specialist expertise in:

  • experimental and theory-based impact evaluation;
  • monitoring and evaluation;
  • operations research;
  • costing and cost-effectiveness analysis;
  • nutrition-sensitive public expenditure reviews; and
  • political economy analysis of nutrition.

In addition to these core areas of expertise, our nutrition team actively collaborates with other nutrition-sensitive teams in social protection, health, education, WASH, and private sector development.

Our people

The Nutrition team is led by Aly Visram

Emma Jones: senior consultant specialising in assessing the political economy of nutrition in a multi-sectoral context, qualitative research methods, and operations research.

Clara Picanyol: senior consultant specialising in nutrition finance, including nutrition public expenditure reviews, expenditure tracking of nutrition, and nutrition-sensitive policies.

Paola Vargas: consultant specialising in impact evaluation, costing, and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Matt Robinson: consultant specialising in project management, nutrition finance, including nutrition public expenditure reviews. 

Mehroosh Tak: consultant specialising in impact evaluation, nutrition finance, and nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

Julia Hug: consultant specialising in impact evaluation and large-scale nutrition surveys.

Mysbah Balagamwala: consultant specialising in impact evaluation, theory-based evaluation, and dietary recall surveys.