About Us
Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped organisations in both the public and private sector find lasting solutions to complex issues in more than 80 countries across the globe.
• Focused on reducing social and economic disadvantage
• A unique blend of high-quality analysis and practical experience
• Bespoke, sustainable solutions
• 180 specialist staff on three continents
• More than 30 different nationalities
• Over 40 internationally renowned associates
• Independent
• Analytically rigorous
• Committed to international development
• Strong links with leading academic institutions
• Partners include Bath University and the University of Oxford
• We also work with research institutes across the globe

Sustainable solutions for reducing social and economic disadvantage.

A multinational team of over 180 in-house specialists, supported by over 40 long-term associates.

A unique combination of high-quality analysis and practical experience in 120 countries worldwide.

An expanding network of international offices, providing local insights and support.

Support across the policy cycle, from diagnosis to implementation.

A strong track record of success, spanning more than 35 years.