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We're at the SID-US annual conference 2024 'World in Crisis: Sparks of Hope'

We are excited to be participating in the annual SID-US conference this year being held in Washington DC. This annual event is a fantastic occasion for our US office and colleagues from global teams to get together and engage with key organizations in the international development space.

Our commitment to partnering with governments to address a wide range of global challenges is closely aligned with the SID’s theme, 'World in Crisis: Sparks of Hope'. Through our broad network of permanent, locally established corporate offices, we actively engage with decision makers to achieve impactful public policy. 

Our work from the US market is growing rapidly across a number of donors, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Millenium Challenge Corporation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We are delivering several projects that reflect our global thematic expertise, leveraging our staff and networks in our locally established country offices:

  • We are excited to be channelling the expertise of our governance practice into sectoral programming. Under USAID ELEVATE Global Nutrition Worldwide, we are working towards strengthening multisectoral nutrition governance through ensuring that policies and programs are evidence-based, locally led, inclusive, and transparent. This engagement is an excellent example of the importance of goodgovernance within sectoral programming to help improve the chances of significant and sustainable improvements at an outcome level.
  • Our Research and Evidence practice is supporting USAID Advancing the U.S.-India Partnership Platform (APP) Activity that will ensure that the development of USAID/India activities are designed to achieve intended results. Our team is working to strengthen the organizational development mandate and the monitoring, evaluation, assessment and learning activities.
  • In addition, our Research and Evidence team, through the IRIS project, has been supporting the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to generate and share actionable evidence through technical assistance and research on effective, efficient, and scaleable supply and demand interventions in family planning. We are providing up-front research and implementation design support; a facilitator to connect the Foundation with local capacity to conduct the research; and a manager to work with the researchers to complete their scope of work, monitor and evaluate key metrics around localization, and communicate and disseminate the relevant learning emerging from the research.
  • Our Climate practice continued to deliver the Building Resilience in Ethiopia facility (co-funded by FCDO and USAID) to support federal, regional and sub-regional governments to strengthen their life-saving humanitarian response capability. This demand-driven technical assistance facility has strengthening the government’s capacity to prepare for and respond to disasters, and will ultimately reduce the effects of climatic and humanitarian shocks on vulnerable people and the economy. 

We are excited about exploring new partnerships with funders and clients, and the opportunity to connect with people at this year's conference. Please stop by our table to introduce yourself and for a chat to exchange ideas on how collaborative efforts can foster change! 

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