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Gitanjali Pande

Associate Consultant

Gitanjali Pande is former Director of the OPM office in New Delhi, India. With over 10 years' work experience, she has completed assignments covering a range of development issues that often have gender as a cross-cutting theme. Most of these assignments have focused on south Asia, covering issues such as women's education, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and safe livelihoods. For this work, Gitanjali conducted situational analyses, rapid assessments, monitoring and evaluation of programmes with a gender focus, policy analyses, data analyses, survey design, extensive literature reviews, and report writing. For her doctoral thesis, Gitanjali examined the causes and consequences of early marriage in India, which involved analysing data from the Indian National Family and Health Survey. For several years, she volunteered as a counsellor at a New York City-based anti-domestic violence organisation that assists women of south Asian origin.