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Rizwan Mehboob

Associate Consultant

Syed Rizwan Mehboob is a governance reform and institutional development expert with over twenty years of experience, working with international development organizations and public sector organizations in Pakistan. Holding a Master’s degree in Environment and Development from SOAS as a British Chevening Scholar, Rizwan Mehboob received intensive training in Public Administration from Pakistan’s premiere Civil Services Academy. Rizwan Mehboob has worked extensively on decentralization, rule of law and public financial reform programs in Pakistan with DfID, UNDP and Asian Development Bank on progressively responsible positions. Prior to joining OPM as Staff consultant Rizwan Mehboob was working on DfID-funded Sub-National Governance as well as Climate Change Programs in Pakistan. He is also working as Technical Advisor for Ministry of Climate Change on behalf of Prime Minister’s office in Pakistan. Rizwan Mehboob has also been associated with dozens of program formulation and evaluation missions in Pakistan for UNDP, ILO, USAID, IC and DfID in the areas of decentralization, rule of law, labor welfare, environment and rural development. Rizwan Mehboob is also a regular contributor to national newspapers in Pakistan where he has been writing on themes of heritage, environment, travel and public policy both as a feature as well as Op-Ed writer.