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Lucrezia Tincani


Lucrezia is a researcher and project manager within OPM’s Water Team, with a particular interest in water security. She is a social scientist with a background in natural resource management. With her interdisciplinary background she is well-placed for understanding the environmental, economic and political-economy aspects of WASH and water resource management. Her recent evaluations draw out lessons on the effectiveness of community-level water management projects funded through SIWI/UNDP’s “Every Drop Matters” Programme in 25 countries, as well as from WaterWitness’ work in Tanzania. She currently manages a multi-consortia team implementing the four-year evaluation of DFID’s £75m WASH Results Programme, which entails designing and implementing process evaluations with value-for-money analysis in three countries, and one Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) in Pakistan. Lucrezia has designed and implemented a range of qualitative research studies, including unpicking the drivers of WASH sustainability in Ethiopia and assessing the social inclusivity of WASH investments in Cape Verde. Outside of WASH, Lucrezia has undertaken evaluations of a food stamps programme in Mongolia and of an in-kind cash transfer programme in Indonesia. Prior to joining OPM, she worked for a British NGO focusing on common-property resource management in arid Burkina Faso. She holds a PhD from SOAS, where she researched community-level climate change adaptation strategies by small-holder farmers, including water resource management strategies. Lucrezia speaks German, French, Italian and Spanish.