About us

We have a vision for fair public policy that benefits both people and the planet. We strongly believe that good public policy can transform the lives of millions of people.

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Through our global network of permanent, locally established offices, we work in partnership with international and national stakeholders and decision makers in low- and middle-income countries. Together, we research, design, implement and evaluate impactful public policy.  

We provide analytical and practical policy expertise spanning economic and social policy and governance, including health, public finance, education, climate change, and public sector management. Our specialised teams in monitoring and evaluation, political economy analysis, economics, statistics, and research methods give us a deep understanding of the political economy of public policy.  

We are distinctive: what sets us apart is our dual role as both thinkers and doers, within a diverse organisation. We bring our analytical and evidenced-based rigour together with a pragmatic and inclusive approach to policy reform.  

We focus on impact  

We are motivated by the collective impact that drives our organisational purpose — to improve lives through sustainable policy change. 

Our focus on lasting impact steers everything we do; from the projects we work on to the way we structure our organisation. We work collaboratively with our clients and partners across the policy cycle to shape projects in a way that leads to lasting, positive change and builds local capabilities over the long term.

We have global breadth  

Originating as a team of four people within the University of Oxford, working on agricultural issues in Eastern and Southern Africa, we have evolved over four decades to support governments across the world in a range of sectors.  

Today we have a network of offices around the world, bringing together national and international expertise. Our connections run deep – we operate at not just a country’s national level but actively with local and regional governments. We help policymakers translate global developments and international commitments into practical policies that work, creating a positive impact.  

We deliver high-quality services

Drawing on our collective experience across a wide range of countries and sectors, we offer high-quality, evidence-based policy advice to bring about lasting, positive change.

We deliver projects with expert knowledge and experience and can be relied upon for excellence in all aspects of project delivery. Our approach to bringing about sustainable change is grounded in a thorough understanding of the political economy of public policy and effective engagement with policy stakeholders, backed by rigorous analysis and robust evidence.  

As a result, our projects enhance public policy, supporting economic growth, reducing poverty, and minimising disadvantage.

We are diverse and inclusive

We aim to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for all our employees across the globe, guided by our values to foster a culture free from discrimination and bias.  

We reflect and embody this in how we behave, what we do, and what we say. Embracing diversity and inclusion in all forms is crucial to the success of our work and our ability to fulfil our purpose to improve lives through sustainable policy change.