OPM Europe

Based in Berlin, our team works at the intersection of social protection, climate change and governance with development partners in Europe, specifically the European Union, and the German Government.

OPM Europe
AHOY Building, Wattstrasse 11, 13355 Berlin, Germany

We provide analysis, technical advice, management, and training services to governments, international development agencies, and other public, private, and non-government sector organisations.

Our work encompasses a wide range of thematic areas and includes projects such as a Public Financial Management Support Programme in Pakistan; advice on Social Protection programme pivoting during COVID-19; Technical Assistance to a Social Health Insurance initiative in Pakistan; an assessment on Development Finance Institutions’ impact measurement; and the evaluation of the NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) Support Projects within the NAMA Facility. We also conduct policy research and coordinate stable multi-country policy dialogue platforms.

Our Berlin office developed a practical handbook for GIZ on effective policies to reduce inequality through fiscal measures. This included taxes, such as progressive income taxes, corporate income taxes, consumption taxes, property taxes, digital services taxes, carbon taxes, and policies to ensure the wealthy pay more.

For GIZ, we assessed the impact measurement processes and tools of International Financial Institutions and Development Finance Institutions. The aim was to understand how different institutions estimate development impact and how these estimates inform development decisions. We identified ‘best practice’ and generated practical recommendations to improve development impact tools.