Gender, equality, and social inclusion

As a multi-disciplinary and cross-cutting team, we prioritise the integration of Gender, Equality, and Social Inclusion practices in OPM projects at every policy step. Our goal is to shape just, inclusive, and sustainable public policies that empower women and marginalised groups across sectors we work in.


At OPM, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) is a cross-cutting approach, integrated across projects in all our sector teams. GESI analysis is central to our approach in designing and implementing our projects, based on a thorough understanding of the intersection of gender, social inclusion, and policy. Our multi-disciplinary and multisectoral experts work on implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and addressing a range of GESI concerns in projects, across the policy cycle:  

  • Education: Our work supports girls' right to a quality education through evidence-based reforms in the education system.  Our expertise in the education practice extends to skills development and enhancing livelihood options for women and girls.
  • Climate and Natural Resources: We systematically integrate GESI into climate change policies and programmes. Their focus is on mitigating the disproportionate impact of climate change on women and socially marginalised groups, while also recognising their contributions to climate-proofing sectors.  
  • Public Sector Governance and Public Financial Management: We support strengthening the capacity of national and sub-national governments to address gender in policy development, implementation, evaluation, and reform and thus promote political and civic participation of women, girls, and other socially marginalised groups in governance. We also support governments in  mainstreaming GESI in their policy planning and budgeting processes.  
  • Health: We have a dedicated team focused on gender and health, providing a vibrant learning exchange platform and gender support desks for implementing partners to integrate gender considerations within health systems. This includes promoting gender equality for women healthcare providers. GESI is central to our work in health, particularly in areas such as sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), health system strengthening initiatives, and family planning.  
  • Poverty and Social Protection: We believe that social protection programmes are effective tools for reducing poverty and inequality. Our role involves supporting governments in developing fair, effective, and efficient social protection systems that are nationally owned, sustainable, and tailored to the local context.  
  • Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) and addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV): These are cross-cutting themes across all sector teams. We specialise in developing results frameworks, building institutional capacity, guiding policy processes through rigorous research, and generating evidence on the social impact of our work.   

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