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Promoting women's economic empowerment: a webinar series

We organised a series of virtual webinars to showcase the Mozambique-based MUVA Programme's rich experiences and learnings, and to provide an opportunity for dialogue with the broader development community on issues related to women’s economic empowerment.

Gender and innovative financing for skills development interventions

In this event, our panellists delved into questions of how to incentivise a focus on women’s economic empowerment, promote innovation, and the importance of soft skills.

Mind the gap: digital literacy and employment

We surveyed over 3,000 youth in two of Mozambique’s principal cities to inform our approaches to female economic empowerment and themes such as education, youth employment, and financial and digital inclusion. In this discussion, our speakers shared some of the findings from recent research on the way in which the digital gap affects young women’s access to, and experience in, the workplace.

Data-led learning and innovation in adaptive programming

This webinar consisted of two parts: a panel discussion about learning and innovation in adaptive programmes, with government officials, practitioners and experts in adaptive programming and learning, and a presentation on MUVA's monitoring, evaluation and learning approach.

Supporting women entrepreneurs

This webinar focused on the specific challenges and opportunities of supporting female entrepreneurs and highlighted MUVA’s experience of working with entrepreneurs in Mozambique.

Opportunities and challenges of demand-driven trainings for youth in Africa

This webinar brought together a range of practitioners and donors to discuss how soft skills trainings can contribute to securing first job opportunities for youth, drawing from their experience in countries across Africa, including from the MUVA Programme in Mozambique.

Pathways to empowerment: where theory meets practice

This webinar looked at questions of empowerment, why power matters and how programmes have successfully facilitated women's agency in practice.

Triple win at scale: public works, economic inclusion, and social service provision

This event looked into ways in which public works programmes can be designed so as to promote economic inclusion while delivering social services.

The MUVA Programme

We launched the MUVA Programme in 2015 as a flagship Women’s Economic Empowerment programme, with financing from DFID (now FCDO). Based on principles of innovation and adaptation, over the course of its seven years the MUVA Programme piloted more than 20 different approaches to women’s economic empowerment in Mozambique. Building on a methodology which incorporates elements of agency, skills (soft and/or technical), and improved access to work opportunities, the MUVA Programme developed an excellent reputation for its rigorous approach to design, evidence, and MEL, and for furthering the dialogue on what works – and what doesn’t – in terms of entrepreneurship and insertion into the labour market.

 Read more about the MUVA Programme here: