Nikita Purty

Nikita has been working with OPM for four years. She works extensively on public health, nutrition and sanitation projects. Her expertise is in M&E and qualitative research and has been part of a range of impact and process evaluations, operational research related projects based in India as well as Africa.

Selected publications:

Scott, K., Ummer, O., Shinde, A., Sharma, M., Yadav, S., Jairath, A., Purty, N., Shah, N., Mohan, D., Chamberlain, S. and LeFevre, A.E., 2021. Another voice in the crowd: the challenge of changing family planning and child feeding practices through mHealth messaging in rural central India. BMJ Global Health, 6(Suppl 5), p.e005868.

Viswanathan, S, Saith, R, Chakraborty, A, Purty, N, Malhotra, N, Singh, P, Mitra, P, Padmanabhan, V, Datta, S, Harris, J, Gidwani, S, Williams, R, Florence, E and Daniel, S, 2020. Improving households’ attitudes and behaviours to increase toilet use (HABIT) in Bihar, India, 3ie Impact Evaluation Report 118. New Delhi: International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie).

Purty, N. & Viswanathan, S. (2020, October 24). The Next Frontier of Rural Sanitation Policy in India: Health and Social equity. International Health Policies.

Latest work by Nikita Purty