Olufemi Adegoke

Femi's expertise is in programme evaluation; prior to joining us, he worked as a field coordinator with the Development Impact Evaluation Unit (DIME) of the World Bank, evaluating Bank and Nigeria-supported projects. His other previous roles have seen him monitoring programmes and designing and implementing impact evaluations and Management Information Systems (MIS).

Femi is currently working on the impact evaluation component of the Child Development Grant Project. Alongside this he is also evaluating MercyCorps’ Educating Nigeria Girls in New Enterprises (ENGINE II)project, and the Discovery Project (DP-2), another education project run by the Discovery Learning Alliance in collaboration with the Oxford team.

Femi has an MSc in Population and International Health from Harvard University, and a BSc in Human Nutrition from University of Ibadan.


Projects by Olufemi Adegoke

Enhancing girl education with social Interventions- Evaluation of The discovery project

The FCDO’s Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) supports up to 1.5 million of the world’s most marginalised girls to complete a full cycle of either primary or secondary education. The Discovery Project 2 (DP-2) was a GEC-funded project, implemented by Impact (Ed) in northern Ghana (Northern Region), northern Nigeria (Kano State), and Kenya (Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos, Nairobi, and Wajir counties).