Stephanie Brockerhoff

Stephanie Brockerhoff leads our Poverty and Social Protection team.

She supports governments and their partners in developing social protection policies and programmes that focus on reducing poverty, vulnerability, and disadvantage. As such, Stephanie works on projects that provide support to Governments and facilitate the development or reform of the social protection sector. She has worked directly with governments, foundations, NGOs, CSOs, development partners, and donors.

Stephanie has worked on a range of different aspects of social protection, including policy design, process reviews, and qualitative impact evaluation and assessments. Currently, her work is mostly focused on policy development, governance and strategies for the productive inclusion of the poor.

Stephanie is also the former head of our South Africa office where she focused on working directly with government officials and other stakeholders, as well as engagement in high level policy debates on social policy questions and reforms.

Stephanie holds a BA in Modern History and Politics, and an MPhil in Politics: Comparative Government from the University of Oxford.


Latest work by Stephanie Brockerhoff