Suresh Tiwari

Suresh Tiwari is our Office director in Nepal and a public health and public financial management professional.

He has a wealth of experience working at country level in Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Australia and Canada, where he has helped with capacity building of government institutions and NGOs.

Suresh’s areas of expertise include demand-side financing, conditional cash transfers, social protection, performance-based financing, transaction accounting and budget control systems (TABUCS), pro-poor health financing, and public health education.

He has been involved in forming national policies on issues including health insurance and financing and tobacco control, and has hands-on experience in preparing audit clearance guidelines and internal control systems.

Suresh is currently working as one of the advisers for the DFID-funded Nepal Health Sector Support Programme, which follows a principle of sector wide approach (SWAp).

Projects involving Suresh Tiwari