Tata Chanturidze

Tata Chanturidze leads the Health and Nutrition Practice and is a Principal consultant in Health Systems Governance and Financing at OPM. Being a Medical Doctor, with an MPH from Emory University, USA, she brings 20 years’ experience in health sector policies and reforms, governance, service organisation and delivery, health financing and service purchasing, performance assessments and reviews at system and institutional levels, and health management capacity building in CEE, FSU, UK and beyond.

In 2006–2007 Tata was a Vice-Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs in Georgia, overseeing development of health policy, state health budget and Programmes, PHC and Hospital reforms, and sector-wide capacity planning and development. She worked closely with the Prime Minister, State and line Ministers, the Parliament, international aid agencies, and national stakeholders.

Her consultancy experience includes managing and technically contributing to multiple multi-million-dollar projects, including'DFID supported Primary Health Care programme, Georgia (DFID; 2003-2008); multiple WB-funded long-term TA projects in Kazakhstan, supporting the health policy analyses, health financing and service purchasing reforms including SHI and DRGs, and capacity building. In 2007–2008 she lead the Georgia’s Health Systems Performance Assessment (Health systems in Transition–HiT), for WHO/the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. In 2017-2019, she managed the WB-funded projects in Romania on Hospital Performance Assessment (HPA) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Currently she is managing OPM contribution to the DFID Frameworks - UK AID MATCH and UK AID Direct, led by Mannion Danniels. Since 2012 she has also been a Technical Lead for more than 50 Fast response projects under the DFID PEAKS & EASAC Frameworks, delivered by HEART.

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