Urban policy and planning

We support national, sub-national, and local governments adopt sustainable and resilient urban policies and governance practices. We provide technical assistance, monitoring, evaluation and learning, and policy advice so that cities can achieve their development goals while ensuring that their growth is sustainable and climate sensitive.

Across the globe more people are moving to cities than ever before. Many cities need to plan their growth and development, provide basic services to growing populations, and ensure that they are resilient towards climate shocks. Our work is focused on providing innovative and fit-for-purpose urban policy and planning solutions for cities, local governments and national governments.  

We work on a wide range of thematic areas, including access to basic services in informal settlements, climate resilient urban strategies and policies, supporting implementation of Smart City projects, building the capacities of city governments, and advising foundations and donors on urban issues. We are also actively involved in emerging conversations on circular economy and just transitions and the implications for cities and towns.  

Our team has expertise in all stages of the policy cycle, working on projects that involve research, policy development, implementation, feasibility studies, and monitoring, evaluation and learning. Our thematic specialisms are in service delivery, urban economics, urban climate resilience, governance and institutional support, and urban social protection.  

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