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About the Bangladesh team

Operating in Bangladesh since 2001, we have worked on diverse thematic areas of development to help policymakers identify and implement sustainable solutions that reduce social and economic disadvantage.

Tamanna Khair

Project and Bid Operations Manager

OPM Bangladesh

Tamanna manages project acquisition, project services and business development for the Bangladesh office. Working with us for more than eight years, she has extensive experience in managing business services. Tamanna completed Master’s in Development Studies from BRAC University, and Bachelor’s in Business Administration from North South Universit…

Adiba Khaled


OPM Bangladesh

Adiba is a health and nutrition consultant at OPM Bangladesh with experience in monitoring and evaluation, and quantitative methods. Some of her key projects at OPM include UNICEF- funded development of national adolescent strategy, and DFID-funded designing of a baseline evaluation of certified midwives. She previously worked at IFPRI as a senior …

Solaiman Muhit

Assistant Consultant

OPM Bangladesh

Solaiman contributes to research and analysis in development projects. His work focuses on the link between governance and urban development with human development outcomes. Prior to OPM, he contributed to several research and development projects, with national and international partners, and government institutions including UNDP, NILG, and LGED.

Shamsul Alam

Office Manager

OPM Bangladesh

Shamsul has forty-six years of experience with national and international organisations in administration, finance, and management capacity. He has earlier worked for various international development organisations including ASI, EEP/Shiree, FAO, UNDP, and others.

We have experience in areas including national surveying, health, employment, public financial management, and public services reform.