Implementation Research and Innovation Support (IRIS) for Family Planning

IRIS is an innovative facility supporting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to generate and share actionable evidence on effective, efficient, scalable supply and demand interventions in family planning (FP).

IRIS provides technical assistance (TA) to support research, evaluation and learning dissemination associated with the Foundation's family planning projects.

IRIS achieves this through three main activities:

  1. Robust TA in FP research design, planning and delivery to support the foundation's Program Officers (POs) maximise learning from projects in key areas, including: pharmacy provision of FP, direct to consumer/digital counselling (DTC/DC) and demand-side interventions. This work supports problem definition, proof of concept, effectiveness research and implementation research.
  2. Providing a mechanism to source, engage, and manage external TA and consultancy providers in the priority geographies, including Ethiopia, India,  Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, as well as Ouagadougou partnership countries.
  3. Facilitating knowledge synthesis and learning dissemination to improve understanding of effective and scalable FP initiatives.

To achieve its objectives, IRIS works with external service providers – independent researchers, consultants, and partner organisations, to solicit the best available expertise for delivering the foundation's assignments. IRIS is proud of the strong, in-house technical, management and leadership teams, enabling fast response to the foundation's requests and accelerating outcomes and impact of the foundation support to FP research and knowledge sharing initiatives.

Expected outcomes:  

IRIS is well designed to capture advancements in FP research, and generate robust evidence on effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and scalability of FP interventions in the foundation's priority countries and beyond. Through generating, synthesising and disseminating research findings, IRIS supports innovation in FP initiatives with personal, social and economic benefits for women, their partners and their families.

Areas of expertise