Bangladesh poverty to go below 20% by 2030, and other news (06 Nov 2018)

From poverty decreasing in Bangladesh to action for adolescent girls in Pakistan

Every Tuesday we highlight some of the international development stories from across the globe that have caught our attention.

  • Poverty in Bangaldesh is expected to be below 20% by 2020, according to the Social Welfare Minister Rashed Khan Menon, speaking at a conference on social security programmes. Currently the poverty level is at 24.3%. Read more in the Daily Observer (Bangladesh).
  • Advocating Action for Adolescent Girls (also called Siyani Sahelian) was launched in South Punjab, Pakistan this week. The programme aims to tackle gender inequality for out-of-school adolescent girls. Read more in Dawn (Pakistan).
  • Irrigation can greatly help boost harvests, but is in use in only 7% of farmland in sub-Saharan Africa. The World Bank, AfDB, and others are now looking to provide up to $9 billion to African governments to improve irrigation. Read more in The Star (Kenya).