What are we looking to learn at COP24?

Video: our climate experts share their thoughts and expectations for this year’s UN climate conference

The 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) took place between 3 and 14 December in Katowice, Poland. During that time, world leaders, policymakers, and climate change experts discussed what can be done to boost climate action and further both mitigation and adaptation goals.

OPM at COP24

Climate experts from our Climate Change and Disaster Risk team, as well as OPM-led Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme, were visiting and participating at various events, workshops, and lectures, among others:

Adaptation Fund: Innovative, effective replicable and scalable adaptation interventions

  • When: 6 December
  • Where: Beszczady Room, Area G
  • Description: The Adaptation Fund (AF) is one of the only funds focused on delivering concrete, tailored adaptation projects for the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Its country-led projects are tailored to local needs and are often the first adaptation projects on the ground in many vulnerable places throughout the world. AF will discuss its groundbreaking concrete adaptation work for the most vulnerable and the valuable models it produces that can lead to wider change. New learning and project scale-up grants designed to accelerate AF’s work and knowledge will also be discussed, as well as forthcoming innovation grants. AF’s contributions and value to serving the Paris Agreement will be highlighted.
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Exploring Innovative Approaches to Strengthen Capacity on Direct Access to Climate Finance

  • When: 7 December
  • Where: Room Bug, Area G
  • Description: Direct access projects from global funds are scarce. This side event will identify barriers impending the development of direct access projects and explore the approaches to overcome them with support from international community.

Case Studies of UK-India Cooperation on Climate Mitigation and Resilience

  • When: 7 December
  • Where: UK Pavilion
  • Speaker: Naman Gupta, ACT team leader Maharashtra
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Innovations in Adaptation to Climate Change

  • When: 8 December
  • Speaker: Pankaj Kumar, ACT team leader Bihar

Development and Climate Days

  • When: 8 and 9 December
  • Where: Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace, Paderewskiego 35, 41-500 Chorzów
  • Description: The two-day event will see more than 200 policymakers, researchers and development practitioners come together for discussions and debates focused on the interface between development and climate change.
  • Speaker: Sunil Acharya, ACT team leader Nepal
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InsuResilience Global Partnership Forum

  • When: 10 December
  • Where: Park Inn Hotel Katowice
  • Description: The 2nd Partnership Forum in December 2018 will focus on exploring successful ways to promote climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions and making them more effective in support of a global resilience agenda. In particular, it will aim to identify lessons learned from country cases on how these solutions can be most effective in strengthening the resilience of the poor and vulnerable against climate risks. What are success stories and learnings from partner countries, and which features of existing projects can serve as “blueprints” for other schemes? What are the learnings from private sector and civil society? What are their expectations and ways forward for the Partnership?
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Private Sector Engagement for enhanced investments in climate adaptation

  • When: 11 December
  • Speaker: Naman Gupta, ACT team leader Maharashtra

Sharing experiences on Nepal’s initiatives on climate change

  • When: 12 December
  • Where: Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace
  • Description: The Government of Nepal is organising a side event with support from UK aid to showcase the learning and experiences Nepal has developed through its innovative approach to addressing climate change risk and vulnerability.
  • Find out more in our event brochure.

Financing Loss and Damage in LDCs

  • When: 14 December
  • Speaker: Sunil Acharya, ACT team leader Nepal
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