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Our response to covid-19

Supporting governments and international development partners in navigating the covid-19 crisis

The covid-19 pandemic is seeing countries in unchartered territories and governments and development agencies grappling with a myriad of challenges. The pandemic has had, and continues to have, a seismic impact on: public services and their ability to maintain service delivery whilst responding to the crisis; households and their ability to survive and rebuild or protect their livelihoods; and the economy - governments’ ability to provide the financial support required to sustain economic activity through crisis to recovery.

Focus is on the response to the crisis; rolling out measures to prevent the spread of the virus and treating patients and developing strategies to limit the social and economic impacts on citizens. The immediate response will quickly move to recovery and reform. We have responded to impacts of covid-19 in many ways; immediately in pivoting our existing projects to account for the challenges the pandemic has created; and through new work with governments, partners, and funders focused on the recovery and reform planning needed in the medium-term that is imperative to deal with the aftermath of this crisis.