Global health security

We directly deliver life-saving expertise to governments, multilateral and civil society organisations, development banks and other key stakeholders globally that share our commitment to protecting people from health threats everywhere.

Photo of team of people sitting in hazmat suits behind a desk at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic

Global Health Security is grounded in effective health emergency preparedness resilience and response. We know that health emergencies – particularly those driven by conflict and climate change – disproportionately target the world’s poorest. We also recognise the importance of universal health coverage as a key driver of resilient health systems.

Our Global Health Security team understands through experience that local action and capability are the first and best countermeasures for any health emergency response. Protecting people from heath threats requires robust health systems that can mitigate, identify, alert and initiate the right responses to health emergencies quickly.

We understand that threats to our health come not only from people. Resilience against human health threats requires a keen and consistent awareness of other living things. This One Health Approach to fighting disease, environmental contamination, anti-microbial and the impacts of climate change has also presented us with an opportunity to harness its expertise from all of these disciplines to keep the people we serve safer.

Covid-19 has proven not only to be a devastating lesson in the importance of resilient systems and quality healthcare for everyone, everywhere. The pandemic and the global health emergency response has provided the world with a once-in-a-millennial opportunity to prepare for the next formidable global health challenge. We know that health systems’ preparedness for diseases outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics relies on many elements: well-resourced laboratory surveillance networks; health service delivery models that put patients first; robust communications systems that warn and inform providers and the people they serve; and health leadership that’s empowered to rapidly declare outbreaks and initiate appropriately-resourced responses that save lives.

We leverage our advanced health and disease surveillance systems expertise to design and develop strategies which improve the real-time tracking and management of emerging health threats. Utilising hybrid approaches that combine data-driven insights with face-to-face collection, we craft evidence-based interventions that drive public policy, resource allocation and capacity building from regional and national levels to provider points of care.


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