India Health Hub

We provide research, evaluation, capacity development, and technical support, to strengthen healthcare in India to help improve the lives of people throughout the country.

We strive to ensure everyone in India has access to good quality, effective healthcare without facing financial hardship.. We do so by working with government at national and sub-national levels, donors, and civil society across the country’s health systems. We work across the entire policy cycle, from diagnostic to reform implementation through to evaluation and monitoring.

We provide applied solutions that use pragmatic and innovative study design to deliver results at the right time in a way that is centred on the user.  

We specifically work on:

  • Generating robust evidence and learnings on health systems strengthening, water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, gender and social norms, and sexual and reproductive health;
  • Developing gender intentional and transformative health systems;
  • Improving health service standards and quality;
  • Strengthening human resource management and capacity development;
  • Community outreach and stakeholder engagement thorough collaboration with governments, development partners, civil society, non-governmental organisations, private sector, and local communities;
  • Designing and evaluating behavioural interventions; and
  • Synthesizing and disseminating knowledge (selected publications referred below).

We do this through:

  • Conducting exploratory, formative and implementation research studies and third party quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods evaluations;
  • Stakeholder ecosystem and social network mapping and analysis;
  • Undertaking health sector assessments and development of strategies and business cases to improve coordination and efficient use of health funding;
  • Developing learning exchange opportunities and need-based technical support on gender transformative approaches;
  • Conducting skills gap assessment; and  
  • Supporting improvement of health quality standards and guidelines.  

We support thought leadership that uses the expertise, insights, and experience from our research and practice. Examples include:  

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