Office of the Chief Economist

Our team specialises in macroeconomics and diagnostics, which frame and link project evaluations and design, as well as research management, delivering a greater use of evidence by decisionmakers in development funding and policy.

Our team of economists provide expertise across Oxford Policy Management’s programming and projects, including:

  • Macroeconomics for country- and state-level economic forecasts and public financial management work;
  • Growth Diagnostics and Thicker Diagnostics (including political economy and institutional features) that describe the constraints and dynamics that create the conditions for development in individual countries; and
  • Framing economic work on individual projects and policies – helping think through factors that determine what works in particular settings.

Our experienced research management team within Office of the Chief Economist manage a number of large-scale research projects, promoting greater evidence use across the organisation. Our role ensures that across OPM, we:  

  • think carefully about the demand for research – about the knowledge and decision-making communities that will use evidence;
  • have national researchers in positions of responsibility for better, more relevant research results and because of their credibility in these national communities;
  • invest in the demand for relevant research and create early interest to shape research and anticipate research results;
  • commission research that will usefully add to a wider body of knowledge – and present it as part of a synthesis of evidence.  

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