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Water, sanitation and hygiene

Water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are basic services, crucial to human and economic development. We work across the policy cycle to support governments in providing this service as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For large numbers of the world’s population, WASH services remain out of reach – with infrastructure simply not existing or, where it does exist, being mismanaged. Links between WASH and health systems are often overlooked, although, with the right policies in place, many countries have seen rapid increases in access to WASH, improved health outcomes, and falling child mortality.

Our core expertise lies in WASH economics and finance, alongside a strong cross-sectoral reputation for process and impact evaluation. We have experience in applying various analyses of WASH programmes and policy options, including cost-benefit and value for money. We also undertake political economy analysis of WASH institutions and assess service delivery, alongside monitoring and evaluation of WASH projects.

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