Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks a Principal Consultant. He leads our Nature and Environment team, delivering work on biodiversity, forestry, oceans, freshwater resources and nature-based solutions. He has a Doctorate in Conservation Biology with more than 18 years of experience in integrated natural resource management, transboundary water resource management and biodiversity conservation at regional and national levels. He has a special interest in regional water security focusing on the socio-ecological resilience of transboundary river basins; conservation of biodiversity at landscape scales; and more broadly in issues aligned with these of poverty reduction and climate change adaptation.

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Why trees alone won't save the planet

‘Invest In Our Planet’ is the call to action of Earth Day 2022. Nature-based solutions are high on the agenda in the race to limit the global rise in temperature– so why isn’t there a stronger impetus to invest in our existing forests, grasslands and swamps?