Laura Phelps

Laura is a shock responsive social protection expert with over 22 years of experience, working across the nexus from complex protracted crisis and into development. Laura is at the forefront of global initiatives exploring the potential for leveraging national social protection systems for shock response, and strengthening these systems. Her programme and policy experience in Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia has focused on multisectoral approaches for socioeconomic vulnerability to shocks, and has included refugees, IDPs, and informal workers in LMIC countries. She has undertaken research and diagnostic studies to identify evidence and entry points for Shock Responsive Social Protection (SRSP) across the nexus, designed social protection mechanisms to be more shock responsive, and developed SRSP roadmaps and frameworks to support government engagement in SRSP. Her expertise includes qualitative research, assessment and analysis of delivery systems, multisectoral approaches and development or technical and operational resources, tools and guidance working with FCDO, UNICEF, WFP, DFAT, and the World Bank.

Laura holds an MSc in Public Health from Leeds Beckett University.

Latest work by Laura Phelps