Social protection

We support the development of social protection systems which aim to promote welfare and reduce poverty. Our team provides comprehensive advice across the policy cycle, encompassing research, design, implementation support, and monitoring and evaluation.

Social protection helps the poor to meet basic needs, plan for the future, and cope with shocks.  Sustained at scale, social protection can have a measurable impact on reducing inequality and supporting broad-based and resilient economic growth.  

We support the evolution of social protection systems that are fair, effective, nationally owned, sustainable, and adapted to context.  We work across the policy cycle to support all the elements of effective social protection:  

  • Social assistance:  We support design, delivery, and evaluation of cash transfers, including sustained engagement with large national programmes in Kenya and Pakistan.  
  • Social insurance:  We analyse the need for and impact of contributory schemes which protect those who are vulnerable to experiencing poverty from the costs of ill-health and other events.
  • Social care services:  We support reform of in-kind services, such as policies for child protection or disability inclusion, which support the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals.
  • Labour market and economic inclusion programmes:  We evaluate and advise on ‘cash-plus’ programmes designed to help households work their way out of poverty.
  • Shock responsive social protection:  We are at the forefront of thinking on how social protection can provide timely and effective support to those affected by natural disasters or economic crises.

Our specialisms