Social care services

Effective social care services require policy and strategic planning, underpinned by robust assessment of need, inclusive and participatory consultation, capacity building and a strengthened social service workforce to ensure the right services get to the right people.

There is increasing appreciation for integrated approaches to address multiple vulnerabilities throughout a person’s life in different contexts. One such approach - social care services - has gained increasing recognition within the development debate. Social care services span across sectors and include a range of activities that aim to help people manage vulnerability and escape poverty. While social care service interventions may include or complement cash assistance, social care services are in-kind services, distinct from cash transfer programmes.

In some countries, social care services are very limited. In others, traditional top-down approaches to service provision lack coordination and alignment with international best practices.  

Our team helps governments and international development organisations with technical advice on social care services development by:  

  • Assessing appropriateness and capacity of existing social care systems;
  • Designing and evaluating models for the preventive and responsive assessment of needs at national, local, and individual levels; and
  • Advising on coordination and integration across sectors to achieve intended outcomes.

Our focus is on improving service delivery to achieve sustainable positive impact for individuals, families, and communities. We specialise in the strengthening of policies and systems - including case management - addressing vulnerabilities and disadvantages experienced by, for example, children, adolescents, older people, and people with disabilities.   

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