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Social Services team

We provide robust assessments of need, capacity building assistance, and participative consultation to ensure the right social care services get to the right people.

Our key focus is on improving service delivery to achieve sustainable positive outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. We specialise in child protection (addressing issues such as child and family separation, disability, and violence against children) but also support the strengthening of policies and systems addressing vulnerabilities and disadvantage experienced by, for example, adolescents, older people, and people of all ages with disability.

We aim to prevent and respond to temporary and longer-term challenges and vulnerabilities experienced by individuals, with a particular focus on care and protection. While social care services interventions may be funded by or include some elements of cash assistance, social care services are in-kind services, distinct from cash transfer programmes. Examples of social care services include alternative care for children, early intervention and rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities, and personal care services for older people. Social work in a variety of forms is a key discipline at the heart of social care services organisation and delivery.

Key questions

Governments and development partners continue to explore:

  • What is the demand for social care services?
  • What are the expected short-term benefits for individuals, families, and communities?
  • What are the anticipated longer-term social and economic impacts of providing social care services, and the cost of inaction?
  • What types of social care services are effective and appropriate in different settings?
  • How should social services be planned, organised, and paid for?
  • Which government sectors and civil society actors should be involved in the provision of services?
  • How can social care service delivery be effectively coordinated and integrated across sectors to achieve intended outcomes?

Our team offers technical advice and support across social services development from policy and strategy planning through to advising on the design of specific interventions and workforce development.

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