Climate policy and finance

We help governments and organisations turn climate policies and goals into action, through institutions, strategy, regulation, practice, and evidence at national and local level. We also help secure the public, international, and private finance governments need to deliver their adaptation and mitigation goals.

Millions of people are already enduring heatwaves, wildfires, air pollution, floods, and extreme storms caused by climate change, with poor and marginalised communities suffering the most. Protecting their people from climate impacts and managing decarbonisation to achieving net zero goals pose enormous challenges for all governments.  

We support government to develop the strategies, plans and – crucially – the implementation capability to deliver their goals.  We work at the interface between the public and private sector, translating policies into action, through institutions, strategy, regulation, practice, and evidence at national and local level.  We support governments in identifying and securing the public, international, private and blended finance they need to deliver their climate goals and increase resilience to climate-related financial shocks.  Our work includes:  

  • Climate governance including implementation planning for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), net zero plans, and organisational climate strategies.
  • Private sector climate finance: green taxonomies, regulatory reform, market development, and greening the financial sector.
  • Climate project pipeline development, preparation, and implementation.
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning: we have extensive experience with learning from and understanding the impact of complex climate initiatives, projects, programmes, campaigns, and portfolios.  
  • Evidence to support science-based and politically-informed decision-making: including quantitative and qualitative analysis, political economy analysis, vulnerability and risk assessment, and similar techniques.
  • Public finance: we have deep experience of helping governments understand and better use resources for tackling climate change.
  • International climate finance: pipeline of Green Climate Fund (GCF) and other multilateral and bilateral funds, extensive experience in project preparation, and training of accredited entities.


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