Disaster risk

Recent decades have witnessed a marked increase in the number and severity of natural disasters. We design, review, and implement effective policies and actions for reducing and managing disaster risk to help protect those vulnerable to the impacts of natural disasters.

In the face of escalating natural disasters, their increasing severity, and far-reaching impacts, the reliance on international funding sources is proving inadequate and unsustainable, especially for fragile and conflict-affected nations. To bolster disaster response on a broader scale, countries must explore alternative planning and financing approaches.

Our response to this critical challenge involves the formulation, execution, and assessment of innovative policies and strategies. We empower governments to cultivate disaster preparedness, efficient response mechanisms, and swift recovery processes. Our expertise extends to facilitating comprehensive risk financing initiatives, enabling nations to proactively manage their exposure to potential catastrophes.

From refining disaster risk policies to conducting vulnerability assessments, we enable governments to proactively address potential crises. We improve early warning systems, supporting communities and governments in taking timely preventive actions. Our initiatives also encompass pioneering approaches like emergency cash-transfers and disaster risk insurance.

By working in partnership with governments in low- and middle-income countries, we strengthen disaster resilience, minimising the social, economic, and environmental toll of natural disasters.   

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