Managing the Centre for Disaster Protection to help affected people

We were the managing agent for the Centre for Disaster Protection, which works to change how the world prepares and pays for disasters.

Project team members

Identifying, planning for and financing disasters before they strike saves lives, reduces suffering and protects livelihoods and economies, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable communities.  The Centre brings together countries and the international system of development, humanitarian and private sectors to find solutions and campaign for change. 


In 2017, the UK Prime Minister announced the creation of the Centre for Disaster Protection. This was in response to the global recognition that climate change, population growth, urbanisation and conflict are making disasters more frequent, more deadly, and more expensive. The impact of covid-19 means the protracted and overlapping nature of contemporary crises has never been more apparent, and finding better ways to plan and respond must remain high on the global agenda.

Our approach

The Centre works with countries and their partners to own, plan and finance the risks they face with impartial technical assistance and capacity building.  It collaborates with global partners to find solutions, build robust evidence, offer independent advice and campaign to change how disasters are managed by the international system.

In September 2019, the Centre set its five-year strategy, with the following goals for 2024:

  1. A respected and widely used quality assurance function that has increased the quantity and quality of risk financing products and services.
  2. Effective technical assistance and capacity building that will have supported high risk, vulnerable countries to make better risk management decisions.
  3. The Centre will be internationally recognised as driving change through evidence, experimentation and learning which will strengthen the global evidence base on risk financing.
  4. Through advocacy and influencing, it will have improved the quality and quantity of risk financing through the multilateral system.

We were the managing agent for the Centre until the end of September 2021. We provided the Director of Operations, a team for project and office management and administrative support, a monitoring, evaluation and learning team, gender equality and social inclusion thematic lead, and communications and production team. We maintained a pool of internal and external consultants that provide thematic expertise in the Centre’s work.

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