Energy, resources, and growth

A transformation of the global energy sector, from fossil fuels to zero-carbon sources is urgently required. We support low- and middle-income country governments and the private sector to manage the short- and longer-term implications of this energy transition.

A structural transformation in the world’s energy system is required to limit the climate emergency. 775 million people still need to be provided access to electricity and energy consumption is expected to significantly increase to support economic development and poverty reduction. Managing the ‘energy trilemma’ of energy equity (universal access), energy security (reliable and affordable supplies), and energy sustainability (minimising greenhouse gas emissions and other environment harm) remains a key policy challenge for governments around the world.  

We support national governments and energy sector stakeholders to plan and act to achieve universal access, ensure security of supply, and manage the transition away from fossil fuels and to renewable energy in an equitable and just manner.  

Our work ranges from supporting the design and delivery of economy-wide green growth and sectoral decarbonisation plans and strategies to helping extend access to electricity and clean cooking fuels. We identify and mobilise sources of finance for the energy transition and evaluate the outcomes of this investment.  

We help ensure the benefits of renewable energy reach the most vulnerable in society, which includes delivering energy access through decentralised sources of renewables. We recognise that fossil fuels are part of our current reality and support governments and the private sector to manage these resources sustainably and transparently.    

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