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Savings at the Frontier

Savings at the Frontier is a partnership between Mastercard Foundation and OPM that aims to improve the financial inclusion of low-income individuals and communities in sub-Saharan Africa.


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Savings at the Frontier timeline

Download the timeline above to find out what we and our partners have achieved so far (PDF).

Savings at the Frontier (SatF) is a six and a half year programme (2015-2022) that seeks to bridge the gap between the supply of formal financial services and informal savings mechanisms (ISMs), so that ISM users have a greater choice and use of financial services that best meet their needs.

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SatF is selecting and supporting nine financial service providers (FSPs) in Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia to help them test and deepen commercial relationships with ISMs. We aim to scale up financial services for at least 250,000 rural and semi-urban ISM users across these three countries via innovative FSP-led business models.

SatF is also producing evidence and sharing learning that can contribute to the development of effective, scalable business models for financial services delivery in frontier markets.


Access Bank
Access Bank (Ghana) is receiving support of up to $1,000,000 from SatF to enhance its LIVE B3TA account: an insurance-embedded group savings account linked to a mobile money wallet, which aims to drive behavioural change towards savings, micro-insurance, and credit.

The DSS Platform is a bottom-up digital application system that is digitising the process of mobilising savings in the informal sector of Ghana by revolutionising a traditional informal savings mechanism (ISM). SatF is supporting DSS to further develop the platform itself and then take it to scale.

Emergent Payments 
SatF is supporting Emergent Payments to launch a new free-to-use mobile finance service, via its Maximus app, that helps self-formed savings groups and those saving through susu collection in peri-urban and rural areas to save money securely using their platform, via their chosen FSP.


Equity Bank
SatF is supporting Equity Bank Tanzania Ltd. (EBTL) to accelerate the growth of its rural customer base by overcoming some of the major constraints that prevent FSPs from becoming sufficiently relevant for savers in rural and otherwise underserved areas.

TPB Bank
SatF is supporting TPB Bank Plc (TPB) to enable more Tanzanians in rural and peri-urban areas to save money safely and conveniently through their mobile phones.

Tanzania’s NMB Bank Plc (NMB) is receiving support of up to $1,000,000 from SatF to bring formal financial services to some of Tanzania’s most excluded communities.

DMA, in partnership with BizyTech, has been awarded SatF funding of up to $800,000 to develop a platform for farmer group savings that will digitise the value chain in the Tanzanian agricultural sector.


SatF is supporting Madison Finance Company Ltd (MFinance) to develop a mobile phone enabled/ linked savings product that aims to bring formal financial services to 2.8 million new customers.

Vision Fund Zambia (VFZ)

SatF is supporting Vision Fund Zambia (VFZ) to develop digital group and individual savings products for savings groups and their members in rural and peri-urban Zambia.