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Tanzania team

We support national decision makers in Tanzania across a broad range of issues including national statistics, poverty analysis, financial sector development, education, health, and energy.

We have worked in Tanzania for nearly 35 years. Through our permanent office in Dar es Salaam, we build on this experience to deliver unique locally responsive services to our clients, linking international technical knowledge and experience, proven expertise in conducting surveys, and local capacity for project implementation.

We understand that thoughtful and high-quality research is important in addressing evidence gaps and informing policy improvements. We therefore implement quality assurance processes throughout the research cycle - design, fieldwork and analysis - to ensure that the output of the research is relevant, useful, and of the highest standard.

Our permanent presence in Tanzania has also allowed us to strengthen the link between research and policy. For example, our involvement in the Economic Development and Institutions (EDI) programme has facilitated strong linkages between world-renowned academics and local policymakers, as well as local researchers, from project inception to implementation. 

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