Prospera economic evaluation

Program Kemitraan Indonesia Australia untuk Perekonomian (Prospera) is an economic partnership between the Government of Australia, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Government of Indonesia. This partnership builds on 20 years of Australian investment in Indonesia’s economic governance prompted by a partnership that emerged after the Asian financial crisis. The goal of Prospera is to foster Indonesia’s strong, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth. To inform planning and program implementation as well as to improve the facility’s performance, Prospera has developed a Value for Money (VfM) framework.


Prospera sought to apply its VfM framework to prepare a set of case studies on a sample of outcomes achieved. The case studies examine Prospera’s contributions across a range of different dimensions including efficiency, effectiveness and equity. The economic evaluation focused on areas of support where Prospera’s contribution could be measured. The evaluation assessed the benefits against the costs of Prospera’s support.  It also documented learnings to inform and improve program activities and similar evaluations in the future.

Our approach

In mid-2021, first round of VfM evaluation was undertaken by us. From mid-2022 onwards, we are carrying out the second round of evaluation. We balance quantitative economic analysis and qualitative analysis to be able to tell how, and the extent to which, Prospera has contributed to outcomes achieved. We address this critical issue by applying economic methods of analysis to determine where possible, or approximate, the value of the outcomes achieved against the VfM criteria, sub-criteria, and standards of Prospera’s investments.

Our analysis draws most of the evidence from Prospera’s existing and available data and supplements the gaps of evidence from interviews with stakeholders. In some cases, international experiences or benchmarks will be used to complement Prospera’s program data to draw inferences regarding the value of the investment. 

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Areas of expertise