Early childhood development

We passionately believe that providing equal opportunity to young children can alter their education and life outcomes. Our work focuses on holistic early childhood development to build a strong foundation for young children to thrive.

Photo of mother playing with infant in Tanzania

We focus on the holistic development of young children, aged 0 to eight years. Our work takes a cross-sectoral approach, as issues in Early Childhood Development (ECD) belong to multiple domains and sub-sectors, including early education, health, nutrition, and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene). We deliver projects that enable a smooth transition for young children as they progress from day-care, preschool or other early childhood centres to the formal schooling system. Reinforcing our wider Education team’s guiding principles on equity and focus on the most marginalised populations, we emphasise quality early development for all children who use both government and private ECD services.  

We strive to work with our partners who share our vision for building a strong foundation for young children to thrive.

We provide a range of services to governments, multilateral organisations, and foundations. These include being a:  

  • Strategy Development Partner: We assist clients to formulate their ECD portfolio strategy and investment decisions.  
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Partner: We work with organisations to learn about what’s working well and what can be improved in their current and future programmes. We play the role of a critical friend with a keen emphasis on learning, to ensure that our findings inform programmatic decisions.
  • Research and System Diagnostics Partner: We undertake research projects of varying scale and scope in order to dig into country specific contexts and unpack answers to pressing ECD issues. For example, conducting research on what it takes to scale effective and quality ECD services. 

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